About me

Hello, friend! I want to tell you a little about me and why I launched this.My name is Hannah Roberson and I am born and raised in Nashville, TN. I am so grateful to have grown up here where there are churches on every corner and country music wherever you go! I am an influencer who shares brands I adore, my everyday life, and most importantly my faith. After finding true joy and fulfillment in Jesus, it has changed my life for the better and it is now my heart’s mission to help you experience that same light He is in my life for yours as well. If you’re ready to take a step toward the light of truth, a step toward your true identity that won’t shift under life’s strain, and a step toward a fulfilled child of God — you’re in the right place.

But first I want you to know: you’re welcome here as you are and you are so loved.

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