How God Guides Us On The Path We Can’t See 

How God Guides Us On The Path We Can't See

No matter the circumstance, our God guides on the path we can’t see ahead of us. I was rushing home from running errands to pick up a friend for dinner. I can’t stand being late, but the traffic was saying something different. I got off the interstate thinking it was a better decision, knowing that maps will automatically reroute you. I assumed it would make me get there faster because up ahead of me were cars not moving. If you know me, you know that I am directionally challenged and always need all the help I can get when getting to places. My maps ended up just spinning and seemed just as directionally challenged as I was. I felt stuck, frustrated, and helpless. I ended up calling another friend and told him to check my location to help me find another route. He then told me that I really need to learn some other routes and ways to get there. I was frustrated and thought “ok really, can’t do that right now, I just want to get to my next spot.” 

I see this connect with my spiritual life with this same type of thinking I experienced here. I have a specific want or need I have been praying for or thinking about, and I map out the steps to fulfill that. But because life and God do not just mold to the plans I make for my life, I often come across a detour. I come across putting my plans above His which ends in dissatisfaction and wanting more out of life. I always have a plan, which means I am type A. I want to know how exactly we are getting from point A to point B. I feel more secure knowing how and when we are going to get there. God is a God who will be there on your detour and meet you wherever you are at. What will not go is sticking with your plan and being confident that it is more fulfilling. 

I think of the Israelites here when they had the rules laid out to them time after time. They still chose to not be obedient at times and took their own route thinking that it would satisfy them more. They even experienced God’s miracles throughout it all but wandered for years in the desert. Friend, we must remember when we see an unclear destination, that we serve a God of limitless possibilities. We see throughout the Bible starting in Genesis with the creation coming alive to Hannah in 1 Samuel being able to have a son. The miracles and blessings are all over, you just must spend the time opening up the Word. When you pray, be honest with God if there is a road ahead that is unclear. Tell Him to open your eyes for truth and His will to be done. He is a God of unfailing love and should be always praised, even when there are roadblocks throughout life. 

He will not leave you or forsake you. He desires to guide and protect us every day of our lives. And when we come to Him, He might just show us a path we have never seen before, overflowing with hope and opportunity.  

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