Tools And Resources To Help You Grow In Your Spiritual Life

Tools and Resources

I know how hard it can be to even get started in spending time with Him every day. It truly is something you have to practice every day, so it becomes part of your routine. Quite honestly, it took me a long time to get there but can’t tell you the last time I did not do it. It took a lot of time to be equipped to wake up and just do it. If there was a day where I did not do it or set it aside for some other reason, for which there is no greater reason, I know I would feel differently. With that being said, I have found tools and resources that have helped me grow and guide me throughout my spiritual journey. I can’t wait to share these books with you guys because it has put specific perspectives on things for me and cleared up a lot when it comes to stories in the Bible. The Bible is intricate, and I still have a long way to come to fully comprehend the stories. I also love that each time I read a story, even if I have read it already, I pull something new out of it each time. What matters most is that we try and put effort into learning more about Him.

I have a Bible recommendation as well as three guides to reading the Bible. I have four devotions that are so fruitful and have helped me through tough times too. There are so many good tools out there, but I have narrowed them down and found these to be the ones I have valued throughout my life the most. I will have links to each of these below and you can get most on amazon! If you have any recommendations for others and me, drop a comment on this devotional. I hope you enjoy these amazing books that have helped guide my time spent with Him and made me even more devoted to Him.

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♡ She Reads Truth Bible:

 ♡ The Bible Recap:

 ♡ 40 Days Through The Bible:

 ♡ The Bible Study:


 ♡ New Morning Mercies:

 ♡ All In All:

 ♡ Embraced:

 ♡ Grace Is Enough: