When Insecurity And The Unknown Is Creeping In


It happens to each one of us when we let insecurity and the unknown creep into our lives. It was time that the summer before my freshman year of college was coming to an end which meant new beginnings, new people, and a lot of unknowns in front of me. Surprisingly being from where I was from and the high school I attended, it was me and one other girl going to Ole Miss. I really didn’t know anybody. My roommate was from out of town and we met once. I had spurts of excitement, but my nerves took over more than anything going into freshman year, just like other new freshmen.

I had all the thoughts going through my head from move in day, class, lunch, and later down the road, rush. I had questions going through my head like, “Would these become the people I called my friends? Would they like me?”  Walking into rooms of people I had never seen before and even the dorm building full of girls, had my head spinning and constantly wondering. During this time, I faced a lot of unanswered prayers, waiting periods, and uncertain outcomes. I even had thoughts “Does God hear me? Will God be faithful to me in this new season?” This whole transition scared me as there was so much discomfort in this new phase of life and if there is one thing people know about me is how much of a family person I am. They were four hours away in Nashville, which really does not sound too far but it is a big adjustment regardless of not having the comfort of being at home every day. I very easily could have gone to the University of Tennessee but wanted the challenge in a way of trying something new because I never really went out of my comfort zone in my life at that point.

Anyways, it was all just very new and scary for me. This is when I needed to put my trust in Jesus. It is easy to put your trust in Him when everything is going the right way and life is easy going for you. But it really shows true character when things are not going as planned, discomfort covers you, and life is just tough. Maybe you’re in a place that has made you question God’s faithfulness toward you. Whether in a specific circumstance we are facing or across years of wondering where God is and what He is doing, it can be easy to cling to whatever is around us to make us feel safe and steady. When those things are no longer there, where do we turn?

I think of the story in the Bible about Ruth and she is one I look up to with being faithful. Ruth spoke, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God” (Ruth 1:16)” The context of this verse is when Ruth made the decision to leave her life behind and everything that was so comfortable to her. Ruth left her people and home to follow Naomi and a God she barely knew. And the place she moved to did not typically welcome Moabites like her, as they were considered enemies of God’s people.

What I take from this is the courage she had to put her trust in God when all was unclear ahead of her.  How did she trust Him?

  1. She committed to go and stay where God called her. Regardless of whether or not she would be accepted, she decided to believe God would be with her. She didn’t wait for Him to show up in a huge way; she simply followed where she thought He was leading.
  2. She chose to cling to God as her God. When it would have been easier to follow after the false gods and life she knew in Moab, she placed her identity in God. Regardless of what was ahead of her, she trusted Him.

We have the same decision we can make today when life looks unclear, insecurity creeps in, and the unknown is a scary thing: to cling to what is comfortable and familiar for our security or to trust God. We can look to His Word and His character, which have proven He is who He says He is and He will do what He says He will do. Not just for Ruth but for you and me too. When we feel insecure, God‘s promises are strong. When we feel uncertain, God’s faithfulness remains steady.

When you look back at your life, where do you see glimpses of God’s faithfulness? Are there areas of your life where you can trust Him more? What does trusting Him look like to you? Let me tell you, if you are alive and reading this today, it’s proof God has been faithful in His pursuit of you. The ultimate proof of God’s faithfulness is in Jesus. The same Jesus who was born through the lineage of Ruth’s family is going to make all things new in this world. (Revelation 21:5) When you find yourself insecure and uncertain, remember: God is faithful, and we can cling to Him at all times. He will meet you right here, right now.




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One thought on “When Insecurity And The Unknown Is Creeping In

  1. Your words remind me of Romans 5:3-5 where suffering (Godly suffering) produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope (Godly hope). Hope is the witness to Faith. We have confidence in what we hope for because we have faith, Hebrews 11:1.

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